High Quality Valuetek Interactive Whiteboard

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Valuetek D series interactive whiteboard 

High Quality Valuetek Interactive Whiteboard

The Valuetek interactive whiteboard is a technologically advanced product in the intelligent series line. The interactive whiteboard features multi touch (10 touch) technology that enables ten users to write and draw simultaneously. Users can switch seamlessly between writing, drawing and moving objects with a finger, stylus or even a pointer. The board easily connects to a computer through a USB interface. The interactive whiteboard also features anti glare surface and equipped with Valuetek TouchBoard software, it is the ideal tool to increase engagement and collaboration within any education, corporate or professional teaching or training environment. 


Key Features

IR multi-touch capabilities

Supporting 10 simultaneous touches, making it easy for students to work together at the same time.


Multitouch experience

Four to ten users can write, perform mouse functions, erase and manipulate objects at the same time with fingers, pens and other opaque objects.


Freestyle interaction

Teachers and students can write in different colors and different types pens, move objects with their fingers and much more, without the need to switch to a multiuser mode.


Touch gestures

Toss, rotate and interact with objects while using Valuetek TouchBoard software. Includes built-in support for multitouch operating systems such as Windows.


Hot keys

User-friendly hot key design, no need to start the software, just click the hot keys on the board directly can easily write, draw and erase.

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Room 9-2,No.10 Building, No. 89 JinYu Road,Northern New District

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