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hydraulic hammer On-line Service

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hydraulic hammer Company Information:

Yantai Sanyu Machine Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional mini and small hydraulic  hammer manufacturer,depending on production, saling, researching and developing.The company's micro-breaker is famous for excellent performance, strong crackdown. It is widely used in various construction areas, such as breaking, mining, roads, civil engineering, demolition engineering, special engineering (underwater engineering, tunnel engineering, etc.). The company aims at satisfying customers with the highest quality as its objective, and serves our customers by heart. We sincerely hope that our professioanl will let you feel more preferentially, efficiently.

hydraulic hammer Introduction:

The power source of the hydraulic hammer is the pressure oil provided by the pump station of the excavator or loader, which can more effectively clean up the mud in the floating stones and rock crevices in excavating the foundation of the building. The principle of selecting the hydraulic breaker is to select the most suitable hydraulic breaker according to the model of the excavator and the operating environment.

hydraulic hammer  principle:

Hydraulic hammer have become an important tool for hydraulic excavators, and some have also installed hydraulic breakers on excavating loaders (also known as two-pronged) or wheel loaders for crushing operations. Hydraulic breaker, also known as hydraulic breaker or hydraulic stone breaker.

Japan and South Korea use this term more. Also known as hydraulic hammers, companies in Finland and Germany use this term. China's manufacturers and users have called hydraulic breakers, hydraulic hydrants, hydraulic guns, gunners, crushers, woodpeckers, etc. The terms of our national standard are called hydraulic impact breakers. Breaker). Although the name is varied, they all refer to the same machine. This machine is powered by hydrostatic pressure, which drives the piston to reciprocate. When the piston strokes, it hits the drill rod at a high speed, and the drill rod breaks the solids such as ore and concrete. The device flooded our country's market. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, with the help of the rapid development opportunities in China's hydraulic hammer market, domestic hydraulic breaker enterprises have risen rapidly and the market share of domestic brands has continuously increased.

hydraulic hammer type:

There are many types of hydraulic hammer and there are many classification methods.

According to the classification of operation modes: hydraulic breakers are divided into two categories: handheld and airborne. Classified according to the working principle: hydraulic breakers are divided into three types: full hydraulic, liquid-gas combined and nitrogen explosive. The liquid-gas combination type relies on the hydraulic oil and the rear compression nitrogen to expand and push the piston to work. The vast majority of crushers belong to this type of product; according to the distribution valve structure classification: hydraulic breaker is divided into built-in valve type and external valve type .

In addition, there are various other classification methods, such as feedback feedback and pressure feedback breakers according to feedback methods;

· According to the noise size is divided into low noise type and standard type breaker;

·According to the shell form, it can be divided into triangle and tower breakers;According to the shell structure can be divided into plywood and box crusher and so on.

hydraulic hammer advantages are as follows:

1.DL  series hammer can provide powerful hammering and own long working life.

2.Real manufacturer, we make all the components with our own technology.

3.Reliable quality and reasonable price make the highest price-performance ratio.

4.We assure you of strong back up services and support.

5.Innovation is our permanent pursuit, and we are always trying to do it better.

6.As a leading manufacturer of hydraulic breakers, we have a complete product line for all kinds of excavators.

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